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The solution according to the invention for illustrating the swarm intelligence described above with the aid of an artificial robot system in an easily understandable manner consists in an arrangement for carrying out coordinated movements with a plurality of self-propelled platforms arranged relative to a technical surface, assuming a location of at least one self-propelled capable relative to the technical surface individual platform.

The large number of individual self-propelled platforms, which refer to the terminology introduced above a so-called swarm of individuals should preferably include more than three self-propelled platforms. For the purpose of goal-oriented coordination of the movements among as many of the self-propelled platforms as possible, at least one self-propelled individual platform is provided, which, as will be described in detail below, decisively determines the movement behavior of the individual platforms capable of self-propulsion.

So feature the self-propelled platforms each over at least one sensor unit, with the whereabouts of at least an individual platform can be determined. Furthermore, each one looks Platform a platform-own control unit, which under the condition at least a predetermined movement rule and taking into account the whereabouts the at least one individual platform the movement of each self-locomotion enabled Platform determined. In contrast, sees the at least one individual platform a receiving unit for the reception from their own locomotion along the technical surface determining control commands from at least one platform can be deducted bounded control unit.

Download e-book Zuletzt die Ameisen (German Edition)

Either the self-propelled platforms as well as the at least one self-propelled individual platform are formed in the form of small mobile robots that have a chassis, a corresponding power supply, a wireless communication unit, via a corresponding one Drive with drive means, such as drive wheels, as well ultimately over have a corresponding sensor. Such miniaturized robot units are available as individual products available in the market. Around the swarm or the multitude of individual self-propelled platforms for the solution according to the invention According to assemble, it requires at least one sensor unit, with each single platform moving on the technical surface Recognize individual platform and determine their position can.

The determination of the position or the whereabouts of the at least one individual platform by means of the sensor unit at a self-propelled Platform takes place either by way of a relative bearing between the detecting platform and the detected individual platform or by way of determination of the absolute coordinates of the location the individual platform relative to the technical surface, on the individual platform together with the multitude of the individual self-locomotion enabled Move platforms.

The term "movement rule" does not just include Rules that determine the dynamic movement behavior of the platforms, but should also all Perceptible behaviors of the platforms include how For example, the static persistence in a predetermined pose, the emission of acoustic or optical signals or the like more. Looks the predefinable Movement rule, for example, the escape from the detected individual platform before, the self-propelled platform moves along one moving trajectory away from the individual platform.

In the opposite case, where the motion rule is a tracking operation provides, it is from the platform's control unit control commands set off, so that the platform of the individual platform up preferably approaching directly. Around to ensure an interaction between a person and the arrangement At least the individual platform provides a receiving unit, by the user-side control commands can be received by which influence the self-movement of the individual platform can. Depending on the chosen Movement rules that reflect the intrinsic mobility of the multiplicity of platforms determines, appropriate control commands are to be issued by the person, after which the individual platform has to move.

In the event of a persecution situation, as mentioned above, it is the individual platform such as to drive them from the multitude of individual platforms not reached or not caught by direct contact can. The self-dynamics resulting from the specifiable movement rule the variety of individual home-enabled platforms already passes to a primitive form of an interactive group-dynamic process, which forms under the self-propelled platforms.

The Interactivity between the individual platforms can thereby advantageously be created and improved by adding individual self-contained platforms Sensors and communication units that make it to each platform enable one another To exchange information and to detect each other. By correspondingly complex interpretation of the proper motion of the individual Platform-determining motion rule can the potential of sheer inexhaustible swarm intelligence the user or an interested group of people immediately before Eyes are led. So sees a preferred embodiment of Arrangement the additional Equipment of the individual platforms with modular design Additional sensor units before, individually, preferably via connectors be placed on the platforms and integrated.

Preferably are suitable as additional sensor units optical sensors, acoustic Sensors, distance sensors, induction sensors just a few more call. Thus, the aforementioned additional sensor units are used in particular for the detection of each individual platform surrounding Environment, such as the detection of objects that are on or above the technical surface. Also, the technical surface itself over Marking agent, for example in the form of corresponding colored areas feature, their detection or differentiation of differently colored surface areas with the aid of suitable optical sensors aimed at the technical surface is possible.

So Another embodiment of the arrangement provides for the provision of certain mutually delimitable surface areas on the technical surface before, for example, by different colorations from each other are distinguishable. For example, the first areas mean that these exclusively not run over by the platforms be allowed to. Second areas, which differ in color from the first surface areas, allowed to for example exclusively not run over by the at least one individual platform and finally third areas, in turn, are colored by the first and second areas distinguish, may run over neither from the platforms nor from the at least one individual platform become.

In this regard, the freedom of movement of the individual platforms as well as the at least an individual platform limiting conditions lead in Evidently, to an immediate influence of the under the Variety of self-propelled Platforms training motion dynamics. Also Is it possible, respective limited surface areas in addition to those mentioned above Additional restrictions Assign speed information, such that the movement speed the platforms and the at least one individual platform along one first surface area slower than in any other surface area.

There preferably both the many self-propelled platforms as well as the at least one individual platform in each case at least over a non-contact working communication unit, which also serves as a data interface, can in individual platforms as well as the at least one individual platform certain parameters selected by a user of the arrangement and Movement rules and control commands are transmitted, so that the arrangement is highly interactive.

With the help of a platform unbound Control unit in the simplest case is a conventional computer, for example a PC, or for convenient operation as a control or game console is educated, can individual Case scenarios selected under which coordinated movements under train the variety of individual home-enabled platforms can. The solution according to the invention not only serves to illustrate and demonstrate the artificial Replica of the phenomenon of swarm intelligence occurring in nature under a big one Variety of individual individuals, particularly preferably suitable the solution according to the arrangement also as a teaching aid in use in schools and universities.

Furthermore open the solution according to the arrangement the possibility as a play and entertainment tool for children, adolescents and adults to serve based on a robot swarm is. For this purpose, the above-mentioned individual platform provided, the sent by the player control commands in appropriate Movement pattern implements. In front Beginning of the game chooses the player has a certain rule of movement that includes all other robot units, the self-propelled platforms referred to above correspond, have to follow.

Depending on the available Movement rules are the game content as well as the level of difficulty with which certain game tasks are to be fulfilled by a player. Since the player only by the Steuerbe lack of navigation of the individual platform in the game participates but otherwise has no influence on the movement of all other robots, the game wins its own dynamics, which can not be achieved by firmly programmed systems.

Of course it is it is possible more than just a robot controllable by a player in shape to provide an individual platform, depending on the game content compared to the Robot Swarm is to navigate. In this way succeeds, a any number of players compete with each other and against each other allow. A simplest game variant sees only a single player before, whose assigned robot against the rest of the robot swarm is to navigate according to a game task.

Also it is conceivable to program the robot swarm such that the coordinated movements all, belonging to a robot swarm Robot units follow a guidance robot, which in turn from a Player is controlled. A game execution would be conceivable, at the two or more robot swarms each assigned Lead robots are to move together or against each other. So are basically following game scenarios conceivable: escape from a prison or a jungle, exploration or treasure hunt in an unknown Territory, battles, encircling, for example, the guarding of herds, Races, such as obstacle races or road races etc..

Arrangement for carrying out coordinated movements a plurality arranged relative to a technical surface, self-locomotion capable Platforms under specification a residence of at least one relative to the technical surface arranged, self-propelled individual platform, the platforms - in each case over at least have a sensor unit, with the whereabouts of at least one individual platform is determinable - each provide a platform-specific control unit, which at least a predetermined movement rule and taking into account the whereabouts the at least one individual platform the movement each one self-locomotion enabled Platform determines, and the at least one individual platform one Receiving unit for the receipt of their own movement along the technical surface determining Provides control commands from at least one platform-independent Control unit are deductible.

Arrangement according to claim 1, characterized that the multiplicity of platforms each with modular formed Additional sensor units can be equipped individually. Arrangement according to claim 2, characterized the additional sensor units comprise the following sensor units: optical sensor, acoustic sensor, distance sensor, induction sensor.

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